Friday, July 8, 2011

Testing Over

The three days of pre-assessment and testing is finally over.

I made it home at around 4.45PM, and now I'm exhausted....even though I spent most of the time sitting in a chair or being wheeled around in a hospital chariot.

I'm so glad that they squeeze it all into three days, as I can't imagine how long it would take to get through all of that as an outpatient.

I'd already had all of the tests previously, except for the jaw x-ray, so at least I knew what to expect.

All of the staff at the Alfred were so nice and so caring which made it so much less stressful.

There's lots of information to absorb from all the different medical specialties. I'll be reflecting on it all for a while until my next appointment.

All of the results now need to be collated and reviewed by a medical panel to make the final decision on my suitability for a transplant, but on August 11th, I should find out for sure whether I'm joining the waiting list.


willywagtail said...

O dear. 11 August is a whole month away. I wish medical people could work out things so much quicker so the tension wouldn't cause more harm. All the best. Cherrie

nicole said...

oh gosh, that is a fair while away! 11th august is my birthday though, so i'll be wishing for good news for you!!! would be a very nice birthday present indeed!!!

Jennie said...

August 11th is also my fairy goddaughter's birthday, so there must be good news coming for you then! Glad you're home. Have a big sleep.

Leonie said...

Congrats on getting through the testing. It is nice that they put it all together like that, 3 days in one go sounds great rather than dribs and drabs here and there which doesn't bear thinking about. Glad to hear you are safe home. Best Wishes for favourable results.

Nikki said...

Wishing all good things for you, Cam.