Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tomorrow I'm heading into one of the local hospitals as a volunteer test patient for the FRACP Clinical Exams.
The exams are for Doctors who have completed their basic training and are now moving on to advanced training.

I've been a volunteer every year since 2004, as I think it's really important to assist with the education of our future Medical Specialists. Even moreso, I think it's beneficial to the wider community, and to those Doctors, for them to be able to have a test case such as mine with more than one unusual medical condition.

In ten years time, a patient may walk into their consulting rooms with vague symptoms, and unlike my case where it took over a year of tests before a diagnosis, they may remember that exam test patient.

Now I just have to pack a few things.... x-rays, lung function test results, and of course the most important thing - my craft bag!


Leonie said...

Good luck with the volunteering, hope the baby docs don't make life too difficult for you. What craft are you taking?

Selina said...

Good for you Cam. I absolutely loath doing these sorts of things (had plenty of trainee doctors poke too many sharp things at me as a youngster me thinks!), so it's good that there are others such as yourself willing to do it.

Make sure you give 'em hell figuring out what's wrong with you though!


Fiona said...

I'd say "Have fun" ... but it doesn't sound much like you will. However I respect you for doing this - not everyone would be willing!

Hope you get some good crafting time between docs!

willywagtail said...

I think that is a great attitude to have and some day will bring benefit to someone who will never know what went into their diagnosis. Hugs. Cherrie

trudi@maudeandme said...

Your attitude is always inspiring and admirable!

Jennie said...

Have you seen the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer and his friend are acting as test patients for medical students? They act out the symptoms rather than actually being sick: