Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not what I was expecting


I headed into the city to see the Specialists at the Bone Clinic today (and yes they really do call it Bone Clinic which makes me think of Fred Flinstone?)

Clinic starts at 10AM. My appointment was booked for 10.15AM . They called me at 11.25AM.
Sooooo frustrating!

Anyway, I walked in and we had a little chat about what changes we'd made to treatment since my last visit, and then he told me the results of my latest test - my bone density has improved.

I was quite taken aback, and he was a little surprised.  I'm not used to getting good medical news.

I still have osteopenia/osteoporosis but at least the decline has stopped.

I've been taking calcium and vitamin D supplements for about ten years, but it seems that adding an extra medication (fosomax) one year ago, and drinking milky cappucino's every day has worked.  Well actually, it's probably a lot more to do with the medication, but that's my excuse for the cappucino addiction!

Unfortunately Fosomax can only be safely used for five years, so I have four years to go.