Sunday, November 27, 2011

Packing a Bag

I've been really slack.

Five weeks have passed and I still haven't packed a bag.

I have made progress though - I bought nice new undies (I figure I'll be flashing my bum a lot in the first couple of weeks), and a nice new dressing gown. Hopefully that'll cover the gaping back in those lovely hospital gowns that I'll be forced to wear.

I'm still not prepared for the complete lack of modesty that goes along with being cut open from side to side right under my boobs. Ouch.... makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Anyway, I definitely need to pack a bag tomorrow.

My sister is off on holidays for a week, so if the phone rings in the middle of the night, my brother will need to take me to hospital. I don't particularly want him rifling through my underwear drawer trying to pack a bag while I'm showering in preparation to leave!

I think he'd be just as embarrassed as me!


Fiona said...

Not a pretty thought .... get packing!!

Naturally Carol said...

At least you won't be looked at down there as much as when having a baby, that was a total loss of modesty. Nice to have new undies though. All the best with what to pack.

Michelle said...

There will be no modesty in hospital, but to be perfectly honest you really do stop caring. Two moments where I really stopped caring - getting a sponge bath in ICU, and having my lovely ICU wardsman cover up my bare bum for me as he took me for laps around the ward on a walking frame.

You wake up and wonder what on earth went on during your surgery, you honestly do. At some stage during my operation they'd taken my knickers off - intact, because I'm still wearing those ones - and inserted a catheter in my urethra once they knew it was going to be a long surgery. But you are just so thankful to be alive those things don't matter. Back on the wards you're allowed to be much more modest. You'll be fine, honestly you will.

Now go and pack that bag! Make sure you include sanitary pads because trust me - you're guaranteed to get your period, and they don't actually have those in hospital for some strange reason!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Go and pack that bag girl!
New lungs will be worth it, flashing you knickers and all.
I hope the call is very soon.

willywagtail said...

Nothing like being put on the spot to force you to do something. Should we come back to check you have done it? Cherrie

Sally said...

Murphy's law would suggest that you're mire likely to get the call if you don't pack your bag!

Selina said...

It's funny the things that we think about when trying to plan for these sorts of things isn't it.... who would have thought undies would rate so highly on your list of things to pack??! Mind you though, when I think about it, undies are probably something I always forget when I go into hospital. I always have to call up my husband to come and bring me some undies! haha!

Jennifer Rose said...

i was so high on morphine when i got my gall bladder out that i didn't care that my bum was getting flashed to the rest of the ward :p neither did the other women either, they were just as stoned as i was lol

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! After my last years events, I am packing well for a proposed overnight stay next monday night for some minor surgery.
Last year, my first stay was via the ED and I really didn't picture staying for the next 9 days. My closest, dearest friend did the rifling through the underwear drawer.
Unfortunately, the second stay was after a proposed day surgery (bronchoscopy) that went horribly wrong. Closest friend was away, so the male flatmate got the rifling job.
Poor him :-(

heartlungthing said...

I like the idea of buying some nice things to make the whole time a bit easier. When I get out of here and get on 'the list' I will certainly be doing the same. Nice PJs, undies, ear-plugs, dressing gown. If you have to go through hell you might as well have some good things to make you feel better.

Car said...

Totally agree on the pretty things to make your stay more bearable :) I bought a pretty pink bed jacket and pack an iPod - makes it easier to sleep listening to music!

Oh and modesty - leave it at the front door of the hospital. picture this, after my last op I had so many people checking "down there" that when the surgeon (male) came in I just whipped back the covers saying wanna check??? He didnt know what to say... Think I may have jumped the gun on that one!

just remember they have seen it all and more before - happy packing that bag!