Friday, June 24, 2011


Tomorrows mission is to sort through and re-organise the last twenty-two years worth of x-rays and CT scans to take in next week. I'd estimate that there's probably at least 100 films. Unfortunately every time someone goes through them, they never put them back into their matching envelopes, and my filing system goes out the window.

I went to have an updated one taken today.

That's a particularly bad mobile phone photo of it in front of the venetian blinds in my bedroom (I don't actually have any extra horizontal ribs).

This is what a normal one looks like for comparison.

But first, I'm heading to the Boathouse for lunch with some girlfriends - much more fun!


Liesl said...

Ah yes, what to do with all those enormous floppy envelopes of films - argh! Can't someone just make a phone app for storing them?! I received 20 films from an MRI yesterday. I'm sure they will be suitably mixed up with all the rest soon.

Good luck with the sorting!

Jennifer Rose said...

i wish i could get the films from all of my xrays, but they are all on a computer here :/ and half the time, you don't even get shown them at all :/

that is a big difference between the 2 :(

sophie said...

That is a massive job Cam, and those envelopes are so big, so hard to find a good storage space for them anyways! Your lunch will be a good reward.