Saturday, October 6, 2012

False Alarms

It's been nearly a year since my false alarm.

I was really sad to read this week that little Coen Ashton had a false alarm on Wednesday. His mum has written a blog post.

There are no words. I get butterflies in my stomach just reading it.


Carmel Morris said...

It must stir up a lot of emotions for you :( I hope you both have better luck next time.

bec said...

That got me so emotional, like I was when you had yours. Everything's crossed that there are no more falsies!

Ren said...

False alarms are so sad, although re-reading your false alarm post reminded me that healthy lungs are what you need (although it certainly doesn't negate the disappointment and sadness). I can't quite believe it's almost a year since your false alarm. I hope that real call comes soon. x