Friday, August 24, 2012

A Week Of...

It's funny how things just become normalised when you have a chronic illness. You don't make a big fuss about any of it because doing the same thing day after day after day after day is just the routine.
There's no point whining and no point complaining because nothing is going to change.

But then thismorning there was a reason to step back and have a real look...

Selina has been playing along with A Week Of CF on instagram, and it's been really interesting to see from afar some of the things that she has to do every day. Things that are just routine to her, as my things are routine to me.

Todays subject matter was medications. I know I've spent a small fortune at the chemist over the last 23 years, but the challenge was to look at a weeks worth of meds.

So this is my week:

  • 21 nebules of ventolin
  • 21 nebules of atrovent
  • 10.5 vials of acetylcysteine
  • a plate full of pills
I was a bit freaked out when I looked at all those tablets on a plate, but what's even more freaky is that it also means that I spend about 21 hours on the nebuliser (which is thankfully right next to the computer). That's half a full time job each week. No wonder I never have enough time to do everything!


m.e (Cathie) said...

that's alot of pills when you look at it like that.
hope you are well Cam, feels like forever since I saw you last.
sending you hugs ♥

Fiona said...

That is a heck of a lot of tablets! You say you never have time to do anything, yet you always seem to be on the go and doing loads!

Leonie said...

Seeing it all like that is a real wake up call for those of us who are healthy. That's an awful lot of remembering to take the right thing at the right time and sit still and inhale for hours on end. My respect for you has always been great, now I am even more in awe of your courage and determination. Keep going, if you can manage all this, the sky is the limit!

Selina said...

awww, your tablets are prettier than mine, not fair! 21 hours a week on the nebuliser, sheesh! When you put it like that, half a fulltime job, wow!

Anna Bartlett said...

Am I the only one who can see a pattern and a favourite colour scheme in those tablets?

Michelle said...

I do love that some of your tablets are orange and pink, as Anna mentioned above!

I don't love that there are so many of them!

about 20 years ago I used to work with a lovely lady called Nancy who used to do her nebs at work (she had asthma and some other lung issues). Someone once complained about the sound the machine made and she said they had a choice of the noise of the machine, or the whistling of her lungs as she struggled to get through the day till she could do her nebs at home. That person never complained again.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

o.0 that is a lot of pills o.0

i've seen people take that many pills all at once, don't know how they don't choke

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh Cam, you are a trooper! That is a LOT of tablets. Stay well. Cat xox

Megan said...

Look at that lovely colourful drug platter. All it needs is a doily underneath and you could serve it up for arvo tea... Mine used to look very similar, but thankfully they have taken me off heaps of the meds I was on straight after the transplant. So nice to take only a few in the morning and a few more in the evenings now.

21 hr/wk on the nebuliser however, ergh! Good move having it right by the computer.