Monday, July 2, 2012

A Gracious Gift

Via You Tube

From Nine MSN News

A young Sydney man in desperate need of a heart and double lung transplant has made a heartfelt video, urging viewers to become organ donors. 

William Chapman, 20, was born with a congenital heart condition but his health has recently deteriorated to the point where he fears he won't be around for long. 

"I am living with heart and lung failure," Mr Chapman says in the video.
"Without a heart and double lung transplant I won't make Christmas." 

He urges viewers to think of their parents or the people they love most as they watch the video he helped make in a bid to lift Australia's rate of organ donation. 

"I want Christmas with my family. Not flowers in my face or grievers at my funeral," he says.
The seven-minute clip, uploaded to YouTube yesterday, features Mr Chapman's family as well as a number of celebrities who echo the call to save the young man's life. 

Mr Chapman worked at a media communications company before his failing organs forced him to quit and return to the family home where he could receive 24 hour care.

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