Friday, September 9, 2011

9 Days

Gosh just realised that I hadn't been back to update this poor little forgotten blog!

Well, I've been on the transplant waiting list for a whole nine days now.  I'm slowly sorting things out and ticking things off the'to do' list.

The first thing that I had to sort out was the problem with my intragam infusions interfering with my blood results.

Every four weeks, I have to have a cytotoxic antibody screening test. In very simple terms, this is to do with matching donor and recipient organs to prevent organ rejection after a transplant. I've had to change the intragam routine to four weekly so that I can go to pathology just prior to have the CYT blood test and then head upstairs to have my infusion. They'll monitor my IgG levels, and if they drop too much from the time extension, they'll look at increasing the dose that I receive.

I also managed to go to the furniture shop and order some new single beds for the spare room. I can't really make my mum sleep in a bunk bed for 3 months!

The third thing I did this week was buy myself a huge bottle of phisohex from the chemist. When I get the call, I have to have a shower and completely cover myself with the stuff to make sure I'm nice and disinfected before I get to the hospital (oh, the joy)!

So thats it for the moment... no more news on this front, although I did make a little joke on twitter yesterday.

My sister (who'll be my official carer) is in hospital at the moment, and my mum (who'll be my live-in babysitter afterwards) is scheduled for surgery this coming Friday.
What are the chances that the transplant co-ordinator will call?


Liam's Mummy said...

I am sure if they did call, there would be heaps of people willing to help you out, Cam.

Fiona said...

You know, Cam, if you're completely ready, there's no chance they'll call. You need to be totally unprepared and then it'll definitely happen (maybe!)!!

Michelle said...

You must be on cloud 9 still! It will be a happy day when they make that call. I will not only send you streamers for your bicycle, but a big bottle of BioOil for the scar. It's awesome stuff!

Leonie said...

I'd like to say they won't call but honestly the shorter time you are on the waiting list the better for you. I'm just hoping that Sister and Mum's hospital trips are just for minor things that won't put too much of a spanner in the works. Good health and fast healing to them both :-)

bec said...

they'll call the day BEFORE you get waxing done! Murphys's.....

Anna Bartlett said...

Geez, if they called while your girls were all busy with their own stuff... that'd make a blog post!

Car said...

Great news you are now officially on the waiting list and even better you are crossing stuff off your to do list!
Fingers crossed, you get the call soon xxx